Il Campeggio Marinella is an excellent starting point to discover one of the most beautiful parts of central Italy. A land of poets, artists and musicians with a high quality of life based on work, culture and a great love for nature.

Province of Pesaro and Urbino - Pesaro and Urbino is the northernmost province of the Marches, between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine mountains, summing up the sights of central Italy. A palette of colors ranging from green forests to the blue sea in a harmonious whole. Environment and history intertwine continuously in this fortunate province. There is a succession of natural spectacles, memories, hidden art treasures: castles, shrines, and princely palaces and imposing ducal courts. The heritage of art, folklore, cultural events of high-level, offering a whimsical and endless food and wine, make the beautiful Province of Pesaro and Urbino a unique destination in the world of Italian provinces.

Some of the major tourist routes
  Pesaro (6 km)

Seaside resort between two hills is the birthplace of Rossini with the best traditions of art and music on the Adriatic. It has a beach over four kilometers, with sports facilities and tourist-class and 85 km of cycle track.
  Urbino (40 km)

In an elevated position on two hills and is surrounded by the gentle amphitheater of Apennines Mountains, a city rich in culture and art preserved intact even today the face of a center of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, with architectural and artistic masterpieces'd'exception . In the Palazzo Ducale (XV) the Galleria National of Marche with paintings by Paolo Uccello, Piero della Francesca, Raffaello, Tiziano, etc..


San Bartolo nature reserve (9.5 km)

Established in 1994, the Regional Natural risrva of Monte San Bartolo, offers incomparable scenery and breathtaking views. One of the most beautiful roads of Italy, the Panoramic road Adriatic, surrounded the park where the scents of lush vegetation and untouched, delicate colors alternate with wheat fields of vineyards and olive groves. Natural features such as very attractive, crystal clear water of the coast of the flowering broom, and ancient castles, make it a unique environment.

  Fano (6 km)

City of ancient origins, retains traces of its history, with Roman walls, Malatesta Court (Renaissance), Theatre of Fortune (Neoclassical). The coast of Fano, twenty kilometers long and has large arched sandy bays.
  Gola del Furlo (44 km)

Suggestive rock by the river gorge Condigliano is one of the most spectacular and impressive examples of river incision of the entire Apennines. A prodigious wealth of natural beauty is combined with rock sequences that have features of great geological interest.

  Gradara (19 km)

A picturesque medieval village surrounded by a trapezoid-walls (fourteenth century), with towers rising to the Fortress. He wants his castle has been the tragedy of Paolo and Francesca as told by Dante.
  Monte Nerone ( 75 km)

True wonder of the Marches, Mount Nerone mighty and beautiful stands up to 1525 meters above sea level, that part of law among the highest peaks of the Apennines. Monte Nero is a mountain and has many complex and fascinating natural environments. An important network of trails helps many easy excursions.

  San Leo (70 km)

Picturesque medieval fortress perched on a cliff overlooking an example of fortitude, accessible to a 'unique way cut in the rock. All 'and setting up a collection of ancient and modern weapons and a picture gallery.
  Gabicce Monte (19 km)

A significant part of the territory of the Natural Reserve of San Bartolo. Last "Castle" from the breathtaking views from where you enjoy the most beautiful summer sunsets on the entire Adriatic coast. At the foot of the hill Gabicce Mare is the lively border with the Adriatic coast, reflecting the joy and warmth.

  Grotte di Frasassi (95 km)

Cut between two mountains overlooking a wild gorge hidden treasure caves with beautiful formations of stalactites, stalagmites and lava crystal forms in a harmonious succession of lakes, ponds and chests, color lighting natural and artificial lights. A long journey has a surreal landscape, a world to the beginning of nature.
  Loreto (87 km)

The Sanctuary of Loreto is the first shrine of international dedicated to the Virgin From afar Loreto is shown as a city in the shape of the Sanctuary, with a sixteenth-century walls and bastions, born around the sanctuary of the House of Nazareth, according to tradition in this land traversed by Angels in 1294. In a short time of worship and pilgrimage center of the country came in 1469 with the construction of the fortress-church, built to defend the walls of the Holy House.
  Republic of San Marino (60 km)

San Marino, with its rich architectural heritage, museums and historical and extensive shopping opportunities, each year attracts more than three million tourists. Wedged between the Romagna and the Marche, a few kilometers from the Adriatic coast, the Republic of San Marino with only 61 square kilometers is one of the smallest countries in Europe. The loveliest view which can be admired from the three towers built on top of Mount Titano. Since 2008, the historic city of San Marino and Mount Titano were entered by 'UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  Theme Parks  
Environment and history blend together continuously in this "Beautiful Province"

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